Wimborne Resin Driveways

Do you wish to have a new driveway installed on your property, providing a dedicated place to park? Have you heard great things about resin surfaces and want to find out more about this surface before committing? If so, you have certainly come to the right place, as we at Hardy’s Paving are a reliable and experienced surfacing company.  

We have years of experience working with resin surfacing, and we can offer a wealth of advice regarding the benefits of this surface for driveways. Plus, we can design and install the highest quality resin driveways in Wimborne, too, so you can be sure you’re always receiving a stellar service from us.  

So, to find out more about our resin driveways, you need only get in touch with us today. You can give us a call on 01202 099759 to speak to a member of our team directly, and we will be happy to help. 

The Leading Wimborne Resin Driveways Services

When it comes to having a new resin driveway installed on your property, you will want to make sure you are working with an experienced team. After all, you will want your resin surface to be high-quality, built to last, and bespoke to your tastes. It is for these reasons that so many clients have turned to us at Hardy’s Paving, as we are the leading team for resin driveways in Wimborne. 

We have years of experience in designing and installing these types of surfaces, ensuring we can exceed your expectations. Using only the very best resin materials, we can install a new driveway that will look fantastic and last for years to come. 

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    About Our Wimborne Resin Driveways

    Here at Hardy’s Paving, we design and install bespoke resin driveways for homeowners in Wimborne. Resin is a highly customisable material to work with, so we can design a surface that is tailored to your tastes and your property. Every resin surface we install is built to the highest of standards, too, ensuring your new surface lasts for years to come.  

    We start with a simple consultation, where we can survey the area in question and discuss your requirements regarding a driveway. It is during this consultation that we will design your new resin surface, ensuring it meets your tastes, before providing you with a free quote for the project.  

    Should you give us the go-ahead to proceed, we will set a convenient date on which to begin the installation. We can install resin surfaces very quickly, so you can begin to benefit from your new driveway in no time. 

    Resin Driveways in Wimborne

    Resin driveways are driveways made using aggregates mixed with resin. There are two types of resin surface – resin bonded and resin bound – and both offer their own benefits. With a resin driveway installed, you will benefit from enhanced aesthetics, a sturdy and durable surface, and low maintenance requirements. 

    Are Resin Driveways Worth It?

    If you are thinking about investing in a resin driveway, Wimborne clients, you will want to know whether the investment is worth it. Well, we are happy to tell you that there are many benefits to having a resin driveway installed, some of which include: 

    • Customisability 
    • Quick Installation 
    • Strong and Durable  
    • Water Permeable 
    • And More! 

    One of the biggest benefits of a resin surface is the customisability of the material. Resin surfaces are constructed using aggregates mixed with resin, and it is the aggregates that provide an almost limitless range of design options. These aggregates are available in a range of colours, and you can mix colours together to create a custom surface.   

    Additionally, resin is quick to install and provides you with a strong and durable surface, which is ideal for driveways. Plus, if you choose a resin bound surface, it will be water permeable too. This means that water will absorb into the surface and down into the ground, so your surface won’t flood, and groundwater is replenished. 

    How Much Does a Resin Driveway Cost UK?

    You will, of course, wish to know the cost of your resin driveway before committing to the service, and we can provide you with free quotes. There isn’t a standard cost for a resin driveway installation, as the final cost will depend on how large the surface is, what additional work needs to be done, and how many aggregates you choose to use. 

    However, once we have settled on a design for your driveway, we can provide you with a quote that lists all costs upfront. There will never be hidden fees either. 

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    Other Services We Provide

    In addition to resin driveways, Wimborne clients can also come to us for other surfacing services too, including: 


    Other Areas We Cover

    We don’t just provide fantastic resin driveways in Wimborne either. We work across Dorset and can cover other locations such as Corfe Mullen, Poole, Sandbanks, Upton, and the surrounding areas. 


    If you would like to hear from previous clients, head to our testimonials page and read the glowing reviews we have received. 

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      On our gallery page, you can see the many stunning surfaces we have installed, including resin driveways. 

      Why Choose Hardy’s Paving?

      At Hardy’s Paving, we are a team with over 20 years of experience in the surfacing industry. We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise, which we use to design and install the highest quality surfaces for our clients. This includes our resin driveways in Wimborne. 

      We provide high-quality, bespoke surfaces for an affordable price, and every installation is handled with precision and expertise. To find out more and receive a free quote, reach out via one of the below contact methods. 

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      If you have been contemplating having a resin driveway installed, you need look no further now you have found Hardy’s Paving. We have years of experience in designing and installing high-quality, affordable resin driveways across Wimborne. Our team works with you to create a stunning driveway that is tailored to your tastes and requirements, and every surface is fitted with precision.  

      So, to find out more about our fantastic resin driveways in Wimborne, you need only get in touch with us today. You can give us a call on 01202 099759 to speak to a member of our team directly. We will be happy to discuss your requirements in further detail and answer any questions you have.  

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