Is Block Paving Cheap?

While block paving certainly isn’t the most expensive surfacing material available, it also isn’t the most affordable either. There are many factors which go into the final quote for your block paving installation, which we will discuss below, but the average cost of block paving is between £70 – £75 per square metre.  

The cost of your block paving surface will depend on factors such as the block paved materials chosen, the work required, such as excavation and base work, and labour costs. These factors will all contribute to the overall price of your block paved surface, but we aim to keep costs low at Hardy’s Paving. 

Is Block Paving Cheaper than Tarmac?

In order to fully look at the cost difference between block paving and tarmac, we need to look at the benefits of each material in regard to cost. Let’s start with tarmac. A tarmac surface takes less time to install than a block paved surface, as tarmac consists of just one layer. This means that a tarmac installation can be completed in one or two days, rather than multiple days, which can help to keep the costs down.  

Additionally, there are often less upfront costs with a tarmac surface. For example, the tarmac materials are cheaper than block paving materials and, as mentioned above, the labour costs will be less as it takes less time to install tarmac surfaces. However, on average, you will find that block paving only costs around 10% more than tarmac in this regard. So, if you want a relatively low-cost surface which requires no fuss, tarmac could be the right option. 

Let’s now look at block paving. We mentioned above that block paving can cost around 10% more than tarmac on average, due to the higher cost of materials and lengthier installation time.  

However, for an average 10% difference in price, block paving certainly offers many benefits. It is a surface that looks fantastic and can be customised to your tastes, so you can create a stunning surface. It will last for years to come and hold up under tremendous weight, so the investment will be a long-lasting one. Plus, it is easy to maintain and repair. With block paving, you can replace individual blocks if damaged – with tarmac, you will need to completely resurface. 

So, if you are wondering which is cheaper, tarmac or block paving, on average a tarmac surface will come up cheaper. However, you can’t underestimate the benefits of block paving considering there is only a 10% difference in price on average. 

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    Is Block Paving Cheaper than Resin?

    When it comes to block paving and resin surfacing, both offer fantastic durability and stunning aesthetics. But how does block paving and resin compare when it comes to cost and the long-term value for money? 

    Let’s start with block paving this time. Block paving is known for being one of the most expensive options when installing a new surface, but it certainly isn’t the costliest. 

    As we mentioned above, the two main reasons for this cost are the materials, which are generally more expensive than most surfacing materials, and the labour involved in installation, as these surfaces take longer to install.  Plus, you will have some maintenance costs associated with a block paved surface, such as weeding and cleaning. 

    With resin, there are a few factors to consider regarding the cost, and these include the base, the materials, and the labour. Resin surfaces need to have a good base and, while this can sometimes be your existing surface, a new sub-base might need to be installed. The materials can vary in cost, as some stones can cost more. Overall, however, the materials for resin surfacing tend to be more affordable than block paving. As for the labour, resin surfaces can be installed in as little as a day, but generally 1-3 days, helping to keep labour costs lower. 

    So, how do these costs compare? Well, the various factors can impact the cost of your surface, so a direct comparison is tricky. However, block paving is on average around £70 per square metre, with resin starting around £40 per square metre.  

    As such, block paving does tend to come out more expensive than resin surfacing, but block paving does offer tremendous benefits when installed by an expert team. 

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    How Much are Block Paving Driveways?

    We are often asked how much a block paving driveway will cost and we can’t provide a one-size-fits-all answer to this unfortunately. The final cost of your block paving driveway will depend on numerous factors, such as the block paving material you choose, the size of your surface, and the amount of labour required. 

    While some block paving materials are more affordable than others, there are some materials that are far costlier. The material you choose for your block paving driveway will contribute to the price. Another factor to consider is the size of the driveway – a larger driveway will cost more than a smaller driveway. Additionally, any extra work required, such as excavation and base layers will add to the cost too.  

    At Hardy’s Paving, we will take all of this into consideration when surveying your property and we will provide a bespoke quote for you. 

    Is Block Paving Cheaper than Slabs?

    We are often asked about the price difference between block paving and slabs. The simple answer to this question is that no, block paving isn’t cheaper than slabs. Block paving is a little bit more expensive than slabs, but there really isn’t much in it.  

    Considering there isn’t much difference in the cost between block paving and slabs, we at Hardy’s Paving would always recommend opting for block paving. The quality of the surface will be far higher than with slabs and, for the minimal difference in price, you are receiving far more benefits with a block paving surface. 

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